Study: Ohio Not Doing Enough To Prepare For Climate Change Effects

  NOV 20, 2015

Two groups have released a study on the nation’s preparedness for climate change-related weather events showing Ohio is not ready for what could come in the next decades.

The project from ICF International and Climate Central faults Ohio and most states for doing little to take on threats of inland flooding, drought and extreme heat in the coming decades. The study is not peer reviewed science. It says there is no evidence the state has made policy changes or put money toward the problems.

Democratic Representative David Leland of Columbus says, despite the discouraging grade, he’s optimistic leaders can break party lines to address the issue.

Leland: “Everything that happens to us in the next 20 years whether we have enough water to drink, whether we have enough food to eat, everything is going to be related to our ability to deal with climate change.”

An example in the report of a well-prepared state is California which has programs in place to determine the effect development projects would have on climate change.