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Multiple approaches floated on fate of nuclear bailout law

JIM PROVANCE The Blade "We all know now from the U.S. Attorney's investigation that has produced criminal indictments, racketeering guilty pleas, high level executive dismissals, and the resignation of Ohio's top utility regulator that these policy proposals were brought…

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Get A Covid Vaccination

Get Vaccinated

Because of my age group, I was fortunate to get my first dose of the vaccine today.I encourage you all to do the same when you are able - both for your own health, and for the health of others.

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Repeal HB 6

Repeal House Bill 6

For all the excitement of being sworn in during opening day of the 134th General Assembly, we can't lose sight of our priorities. That's why I filed legislation to #repealHB6 on day one! It repeals the corporate bailouts, saves Ohioans…

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