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Chloe Siens

Chloe Siens

Franklin County Democrats UnitedLike PageMarch 31 at 4:55 PM · 

Hey Northland! Meet Chloe Siens, your endorsed neighborhood Democrat for central committee.

IMPORTANT: The Democratic Primary has been extended and is all vote-by-mail. Get all your information here: and mail your ballot by April 27th! 

Chloe is a native of Columbus’ Northland neighborhood and studied political science at The Ohio State University. Since graduation, she has worked as a professional fundraiser in support of Democrats across Franklin County. 

Chloe has worked on local campaigns for issues including affordable housing, new streets and sidewalks, and childhood education. She’s also been active with local Democratic candidates, helping to build a strong, diverse, and successful local Democratic Party that works for all of us.

Chloe is running to represent our community and our values. She believes we all win when Democrats stand united.

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