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Congratulations to the Whetstone Class of 2020!

An amazing graduation ceremony organized by Whetstone High School parents. I was honored to be invited to make a presentation. The following is a portion of my remarks.

“Most of you will be eligible to vote in this November election, probably the most consequential election in our Nation’s history, but that is just the first step. Remember that all significant change in the history of America started in the streets, but finished at the ballot box.

Each of you will view this responsibility in different ways and each will chart your own path. But this is your time. We need your energy, your ideas and your commitment. We need your help.

I know this is a lot to put on your shoulders, but you got this – and after all, it is your destiny.

So, enjoy the moment, celebrate your achievement, connect with your friends. Then be prepared to make a difference!

Congratulations to the Whetstone Class of 2020!”

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