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DeWine rejects criticism of his pre-resignation call to Rosenberger

State Rep. David Leland, D-Columbus, “This is a stain on our democracy that interferes with the people’s business and reduces public confidence in our legislative process. This unfortunate incident is a reminder of what happens when one political party controls every level of state government.

Rejecting criticism from political opponents, Attorney General Mike DeWine says he did nothing improper in calling House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger on Friday to suggest the embattled leader should resign — four days before he ultimately did.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, his opponent in the Republican gubernatorial primary, and Richard Cordray and Joe Schiavoni, Democratic candidates for governor who could face DeWine in the fall election, have raised questions about the propriety of DeWine’s call to Rosenberger.

Rosenberger, R-Clarksville, announced Tuesday evening that he will resign effective May 1 amid FBI questions over his overseas travel — and who may have paid for the trips.

By Randy Ludlow
The Columbus Dispatch

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