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Lawmakers consider bypassing Electoral College in presidential elections

by Ben Garbarek Thursday, March 14th 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Columbus lawmaker sponsored a bill to change the way Ohio participates in presidential elections. House Bill 70 would award Ohio’s electoral votes to the candidate who wins the most votes nationally, not just in Ohio.

Twelve states and the District of Columbia have signed on to the “Popular Vote Compact”.

“We need a democracy where people can feel that they vote for president and the person who gets the most popular votes wins,” said Rep. David Leland (D – Columbus), the sponsor of the bill. “That’s not happening in the United States today. This bill will change that.”

Every state has one electoral vote for each of its members of Congress. Any candidate who wins a majority of the Electoral College wins the White House.

“Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’re going to believe that the person who gets the most votes should be the person who is elected president,” Leland said. “When you run for public office in the United States of America, usually the person with the most votes wins and that’s true for every race in the United States of America except for one and that’s the president of the United States.”

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