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Phyllis Elmo

Meet Phyllis Elmo

Hey Clintonville Neighbors! Meet Phyllis Elmo, your endorsed neighborhood Democrat for central committee.

IMPORTANT: The Democratic Primary has been extended and is all vote-by-mail. Get all your information here: and mail your ballot by April 27th! 

Phyllis Elmo began her public service with the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission in 1967, later receiving a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and serving as a Director with the commission. 

Phyllis is an active member of progressive organizations including Indivisible OH-12, Ohio League of Women Voters, the Sierra Club, and Environment Ohio. She has volunteered on countless progressive campaigns and has been a long-time activist with the Franklin County Democratic Party. She has been a registered Democrat since she was able to vote. 

Phyllis is running for central committee because she believes we all have responsibility to make our city, state, and country the beacon of diversity, opportunity, and hope they can be.

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