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Reynoldsburg Chamber of Commerce welcomes Bhutanese Business Community

About 100 Bhutanese businessmen and women attended the maiden business luncheon between the Reynoldsburg Chamber of Commerce and the Bhutanese business community at the Reynoldsburg, Ohio United Methodist Church.

“We organised the meeting to provide opportunities for all the business leaders of Bhutanese-Nepali heritage to expand their business network,” said Reynoldsburg Councilmember Bhuwan Pyakurel who facilitated the luncheon.   

“It is also for the community to acknowledge the contributions of the Bhutanese community to the development and economy of Reynoldsburg and at the same time help integrate the Bhutanese community into the Reynoldsburg commerce and industry.”

“It is noteworthy that there is a total of 58 businesses owned by the Bhutanese business community and many of the buildings they operate from were vacant. Today, they are generating income to the city council and the community. “

Pastor John Peirce, the United Methodist Church Community Center Director and host of the meeting said “we are excited hosting the meeting. The main reason being to get to know the Nepali culture better, to understand our neighbors and friends and who they are and for them to understand and know who we are and our culture.”

“It is a good way for us to bring peace and understanding between groups. That is our desire in this church and the city of Reynoldsburg.”

Dr Chandra Sinchuri of Wellcare Pharmacy described the event as appropriate to bring the business communities of different cultures together.

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