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Unions Accuse FirstEnergy Solutions Of Backing Out Of Agreements

Several unions representing workers at the state’s two nuclear plants are objecting to a new bankruptcy plan by FirstEnergy Solutions, saying the energy generator’s latest filing would not honor union contracts.

Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus) says many legislators recently voted to bail out FirstEnergy Solutions’ nuclear plants because they thought they were protecting union jobs. That piece of legislation, HB6, provided $150 million in subsidies to Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants through new charges on electric bills.

Leland says the latest filing from FirstEnergy Solutions’ means their successor after bankruptcy wouldn’t have to honor union benefits.

“This billion dollars that FirstEnergy is getting is not going to the workers it’s going to Wall Street,” says Leland.

A statement from a FirstEnergy Solutions spokesperson says they have agreements to continue most benefits with two of the three plants, while still negotiating with the Perry Nuclear Plant. Pension benefits through FirstEnergy Corp., however, would not carry over.

“The framework agreements address the replacement of such pension plan benefits,” the statement said.

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