Endorsed By The Columbus Dispatch
Endorsed By The Columbus Dispatch
David Leland With Megaphone Speaking To A Crowd
David Leland Marching In The Students Against Gun Violence March
David Leland And Friends In Clintonville Park
Young Girl In Leland Shirt Riding In The 4th Of July Parade
David Leland Reading To A Group Of Young Students
David Leland On The Set Of Face The State Television Show
Local Boy Scouts Make Poster Thanking David Leland For An Ohio Statehouse Tour
David Leland Speaking At The Ohio Statehouse
David Leland Serving Corn At The Corn Festival

Tax Credit for 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Thank you for your support. I am honored by your trust and I am privileged to be your voice in the Ohio House of Representatives.

As your State Representative, I lead the opposition to “Stand Your Ground” and to keeping guns out of day-care centers and school activities. I strongly supported healthcare expansion, fought for our Democracy by keeping citizen access to ballot initiatives and exposed corruption in the Ohio House that ultimately led to the resignation of the Speaker.

I have also stood up against those forces from Washington D.C. and elsewhere that seek to destroy our freedoms, our diversity, and the values that make us Americans.

Here’s how you can help – without it costing you a dime!

A $50 (individual) or $100 (couple) contribution made before December 31, 2018 to Friends of David Leland will be reimbursed by the State of Ohio in the form of a Tax Credit.*

In other words, if you make a $50 (individual) or $100 (couple) contribution to Friends of David Leland you will get it back after you file your 2018 taxes. In essence, it is a free donation!

This tax credit only applies to STATE candidates (Ohio House, Senate, non-judicial statewide). So, if you did not make a qualifying contribution to a State candidate in 2018 – you can do it now and get the tax credit.

Thank you for considering a donation. Working together we can make our State a better place to live, work and raise a family.

David Leland Signature

David Leland

P.S. Please use this link to make your donation by December 31st to take advantage of the State Tax Credit

Or you can send your donation to:

Friends of David Leland
c/o Kevin Durkin, Treasurer
367 East Broad Street, Suite 1002
Columbus, OH 43215

* The Ohio Political Contribution Tax Credit (see Line 55 on your Ohio IT-1040) allows for $50 reimbursement for an individual and $100 reimbursement for couples filing their income taxes jointly. This only applies to those paying state income tax in Ohio. If you do not, your gift is still appreciated. Only one political contribution tax credit allowed per person or couple for 2018.

Meet David

State Representative David Leland has lived in the 22nd Ohio House District for more than 48 years; always committed to making this north Columbus community a better place to live and work. His commitment to community service has been recognized by many organizations, including the OSU Alumni Association with its Citizenship award.

David Leland

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