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Consumer fee reduced under revised nuclear bailout bill

As the new version of H.B. 6 was rolled out, House Democrats released their own clean energy jobs plan, establishing a 50 percent renewable energy portfolio standard by 2050, and restructuring advanced energy standards to maintain 15 percent baseline electric generation from nuclear power.

The plan would loosen the state’s much-criticized wind turbine power setback requirements in an effort to encourage large-scale wind power investments, and require a 50% in-state preference for new wind and solar projects. It also seeks to continue energy efficiency standards, while expanding weatherization programs for low-income Ohioans.

“Walking back clean energy and efficiency standards now would threaten jobs and put our economic future at risk,” said Rep. David Leland, D-Columbus. “The Ohio Clean Energy Jobs plan is a real, sustainable alternative to expand Ohio’s energy portfolio, benefit consumers and expand opportunity for working people in our state.”

Read the full article at: The Columbus Dispatch

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