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Did you receive the correct absentee ballot in the mail? Here’s how to check in Franklin County

Rick Rouan, The Columbus Dispatch

You sent in your absentee ballot application months in advance, you waited patiently until Oct. 6 and were ready to fill in the bubble for your candidate so you could quickly return your ballot. 

You did everything right in the pandemic-plagued 2020 election. But did you get the right ballot? 

The Franklin County Board of Elections sent the wrong ballots to some voters. We still don’t know for sure how many voters got the wrong ballots, but here’s how you can check. 

First, go to the Franklin County Board of Elections website. Once you’re there, click Menu at the top of the screen and find the button for “Sample Ballot.” 

To generate a sample ballot, enter your address and click search. Click again on your address. 

The new screen will give you a bunch of information, such as the school district and village or township where you live. Scroll past that, though, to the section titled “Sample Ballots.” 

Click the “Printable Sample Ballot” to bring up a PDF of the ballot you should have received in the mail.

You can compare the ward and precinct number at the top or the candidates on the ballot you received in the mail. But the number you should pay closer attention to is in the bottom right corner of the first page and listed as “AB Style.” 

If the two numbers match, you received the correct ballot. If they do not, you received the wrong ballot. 

You have a couple of options if you received the wrong ballot. First, you can wait until the Franklin County elections board figures out how to handle the error. Or, you can go to the board’s early vote center at 1700 Morse Road where you can cast an in-person early vote. 

In-person early voting is just another form of absentee voting in Ohio, so you would cast a standard ballot. Voters who requested absentee ballots but want to vote in person on Election Day will be required to cast provisional ballots.


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